Monday, 30 November 2009

What is SINGKIL?

SINGKIL is from the Lake Lanao region, the Singkil is a popular dance performed during celebrations and other festive entertainments by Meranaw princess and her maidens. Performed as a female only dance, the Singkil serves as either a conscious or unconscious advertisement to would-be suitors for her future marriage. The ladies graciously step in and out of clashing bamboos poles arranged in either a parallel, rectangular, or criss-cross fashion while manipulating either apir (fans), mosala (scarves), or even just their bare hands. Singkil means to entangle the feet with disturbing objects such as vines or anything in your path. It takes its name from the epic tale that the Meranaw people trace the origin of their culture. It goes as follows: In the land of Bembaran lived a brave and handsome hero prince named Paramata Bantogen. He would often leave Bembaran in search of beautiful princesses from far off lands, thus leaving Bembaran vulnerable with its most bravest warrior absent. This would make the diwatas, the guardian spirits of Bembaran, very angry. In an attempt to get Bantogen to stay, the diwatas kidnapped Princess Gandingan, a local princess with bewitching beauty whom Prince Bantogen had not yet seen. The diwatas then placed the princess in an isolated forest where Bantogen would pass on his way to the lands of his favorite ladies. As he passed through this forest, the diwatas caused in earthquake. In her freight, Princess Gandingan began to run for safety. Despite the fierce earthquake causing boulders to fall and all of nature to shake, Princess Gandingan gracefully stepped, hopped, jumped, and hurdled the little rocks and swiftly passed through the trembling trees. The valiant prince saw the frightened princess, chased her, and lead her to safety. Soon after, the earthquake stopped, leaving Prince Bantogen to admire the charming and beautiful princess and forget the beauties of other lands. Thus, Singkil mimics the trials and gracefulness of the legendary Princess Gandingan as she avoided entangling her feet in the cursed forest.

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